Surf Classic


Out of concern for the health and safety of the Kailua community—and in line with social distancing requirements made by local and national government officials—the 2020 Kailua Shorebreak Classic surf event has been cancelled. In addition, after the 2019 event, we were denied permission by Kalama Beach Club to rent their parking and restroom facilities indefinitely, along with other concerns which were brought to our attention, so as a result we have made the very difficult decision to bring our incredible 15-year run to an end.

We realize how disappointing this news is, especially for the keiki and families who look forward to the contest every year. It’s equally disappointing for those of us who volunteer our time to organize and host the event each year. We devote many months each year, gathering donations, planning, preparing, and doing our best to ensure everything runs smoothly. As much work as it is though, it’s so rewarding to see how this unique event has grown, seeing the kids enjoy the contest and activities, how generous the community is by donating to the non-profit organizations, and the impact the event has had.

The Shorebreak Classic was originally founded as a way to honor the lives of Kailua surfers - Jason Bogle, David Aluli, and Peter Miller. Our goal for the event was to continue their legacy of giving back to the community, as well as provide a way to help their family and friends heal. After 15 years, we hope to have accomplished that and more, and we are so grateful to everyone involved - contestants, parents, volunteers, sponsors, photographers, and more - for allowing us to take these tragic events and turn them into something positive, we will hold these special memories in our hearts forever.

Stay tuned for a new, different surf contest (on a smaller scale) next summer! Aloha!